Pattie Umali

Game designer, Granddaughter of Veteran

Pattie Umali is a game designer and granddaughter of a veteran. In her interview she shares excerpts of her grandmothers memoirs and talks about the game she made to honor her grandmother and Filipino veterans of WWII.


The fact that the Philippines was essentially an American colony for the first half of the 20th century is not something that most Americans today would want to come to terms with.”

– (31:57) in full interview

World War II happened in many other places and my grandma was one of those people who experienced that. And why have I never heard anything about the Philippines during the war or anyone like her?”

– (10:09) in full interview


I could help sort of immortalize my grandmother’s story in this way.”

– (23:31) in full interview


this is not some foreign story or some fiction that never really happened.”

– (29:11) in full interview


We care about many of the other allies that are out there in the world. Certainly it would be important to care about the Philippines.”

– (34:15) in full interview




Filmed June 2019

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