Teacher Training Videos

This suite of Teacher Training Videos overviews how educators can use Duty to Country in the classroom. The videos feature excerpts from a day-long workshop with teachers run by Duty to Country curriculum developer Leah Nahmias in October 2022. The three videos, totaling about 50 minutes, include a detailed walk-through of all available materials for teachers, including the curriculum to an online exhibit, oral history collection, animations and short videos. The second video overviews topics, grade levels and teaching strategies featured in the ten lesson plans and 14 explainers of Duty to Country. In the final video, we model how to teach with the explainers, doing a close analysis of a primary source photo of Filipino guerillas included in the curriculum.  

Module 1: an overview of the Duty to Country project, contextual background information, and a summary of why this history is important.

Module 2: an exploration of the Lesson Plans and Curriculum, explaining in-depth how they fit into a standard US History Curriculum.

Module 3: an examination of the plethora of Explainers available to Educators. It demonstrates how to use the Explainers and explores what a classroom exercise could look like. 

Videos can be watched via the playlist above, or individually below. 


Module 1: This video walks teachers through the wealth of educator resources found on DutytoCountry.org, including the online exhibit, oral history collection, animations and videos, and the curriculum itself. It also includes brief remarks from Major General Tony Taguba on the genesis of the Duty to Country project.

Total Runtime (13:14)

Module 2:  In this video, curriculum developer Leah Nahmias overviews the ten lesson plans and 14 explainers included in Duty to Country. The presentation includes information about the historical periods, topics, grade levels, and teaching strategies found in the curriculum.

Total Runtime (19:56)

Module 3: In this video, curriculum developer Leah Nahmias models the use of an explainer from Duty to Country, in this case a primary source photograph of Filipino guerillas. You’ll hear workshop participants analyze details to surface prior knowledge, make inferences and draw conclusions about the experiences and contributions of Filipino fighters during World War II.

Total Runtime (13:07)