The Duty to Country Education Project is dedicated to sharing the untold story of two nations—the United States and the Philippines—fighting under one flag. This ongoing project features Under One Flag, a dynamic online exhibition, hours of oral history testimonies, profiles of key historical figures and dozens of animations and illustrations that bring the story to life.


Under One Flag, the online exhibition, explores the untold story of two nations—the United States and the Philippines—fighting together under the U.S. Flag.

Across a century of history, Under One Flag features first-hand accounts of living veterans, historians, and community advocates. It showcases archival photographs, films, and historical documents preserved as the wartime generation passes from the scene. It aims to recognize these men and women for their service and to prompt all Americans to recognize these events as part of our shared history. And it seeks to empower a new generation of young people to reflect on what we owe our country, and how we can ensure America fulfills its promises in the future.


With 20+ hours of video interviews, Duty to Country showcases a rich archive of compelling first-hand stories. The archive provides access to topic-based short complications, highlight clips, full interviews and searchable transcripts. This timely effort captures stories told by the last of the living veterans, their families, activists and historians.


Launching in 2021, an online education resource will accompany the exhibition and the oral histories. It will aid teachers in the classroom interested in bringing awareness to the Filipino story during World War II and beyond. Primary documents will be used to educate students on the civil rights issues of the Rescission Act of 1946. Lesson plans and activities will align with curriculum standards.