The online exhibition will share the compelling yet largely untold story of Filipinos who fought and served under the American flag during WWII and labored tirelessly for decades after, striving for recognition and benefits promised by the U.S.

View a teaser of our upcoming online exhibition launching in 2020:


Drawing from the rich tradition of post WWII-era Komiks in the Philippines and the contemporary popularity of graphic novels, the upcoming graphic novel will dramatize the experiences of young Filipinos coming of age under Japanese Occupation during WWII.


With 20+ hours of video interviews and more to come, Duty to Country will showcase a rich archive of compelling first-hand stories for scholars, educators and online visitors. The archive will provide access to highlights, full interviews and searchable transcripts.

Explore the current series of interviews conducted in the DC metro area, to be followed by more being produced in Hawai’i, California and other regions. This timely effort captures stories told by the last of the living veterans, their families, activists and historians.


An online education resource will be created to aid teachers in the classroom with bringing awareness to the Filipino story during World War II and beyond. Primary documents will be used to educate students on the civil rights issues of the Rescission Act of 1946. Lesson plans and activities will align with curriculum standards.