Pamela Tarectecan

activist, granddaughter of veteran

Pamela Tarectecan is a granddaughter of a veteran and Filipino-American activist. In her interview, she explains her journey of finding her identity as a Filipino-American and how being involved in the community has helped her throughout that journey.


He was a medic, and he was actually in the Bataan March.”

– (05:00) in full interview

That we, the Philippines, fought under the US, so it’s their history also.”

– (17:03) in full interview


I feel like it’s not clear that we Filipinos had a part in that.”

– (12:27) in full interview


There’s like so much I missed out on, so much I could have been, proud of.”

– (11:04) in full interview


if you’re trying to find your identity of who you are, sometimes the answers in the past.”

– (17:38) in full interview




Filmed June 2019

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