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American Promises Made

Filipino soldiers’ service in USAFFE should have made them eligible for benefits

Filipino American Identity

What it means to be a Filipino American


Protest movements and veterans advocacy efforts

Filipino Soldiers in USAFFE

Why guerrillas fought for America and how they joined the U.S. forces

Grassroots Movement

Interviewees discuss their involvement in the grassroots movement

Guerrillas During Occupation

Anecdotes about life as a guerrilla

Immigration and Naturalization

The Immigration Bill and experiences with naturalization

Japanese Occupation

Anecdotes about the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during WWII

Japanese Surrender

The Japanese surrender after the liberation of the Philippines

Not Taught in Schools

How the Philippines has been erased from American history and is not taught in history classes


The nearly simultaneous attacks on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and Clark Field in the Philippines

Rescission Act OF 1946

The Rescission Act of 1946 and how it stripped most Filipino veterans of their rightful benefits

Spanish-American War

The Spanish-American War and the colonization of the Philippines

THE FIGHT FOR Recognition

The significance of the Congressional Gold Medal for the veterans and their families

The Philippine Scouts

The different divisions and various ways in which Filipinos served during the war

The Struggle for Benefits

The decades long struggle for benefits by and for Filipino and Filipino American veterans

Tydings-McDuffie Act

The Tydings-McDuffie Act (also known as the Philippine Independence Act) and its impact

U.S. Annexing the Philippines

The official reason the U.S. annexed the Philippines

Why Should Americans Care?

Why this chapter in American history is important for all Americans to know