Blesilda Ladines-Lim

Daughter of Veteran

Blesilda Ladines-Lim is veteran Ciraco Ladines’s daughter. In her interview, she shares anecdotes of her father’s experience during the war. She expresses how proud she is of her father and how much she and her children value him.

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Guerrillas,  Japanese Surrender


He said he needed to serve his country, what else would I do?”

– (13:21) in full interview

If I survive, then it’s good. But if not, then St. Peter will take me in.”

– (13:38) in full interview


The fact that he allowed this person to leave is something that still touches my heart.”

– (18:42) in full interview


I recall that he said that MacArthur was able to send a submarine to the town in order to provide them with supplies.”

– (07:41) in full interview


And my father cried. He told me he cried because she’s like a surrogate mother, or an older sister.”

– (09:57) in full interview




Filmed June 2019

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