Sponsors & Credits

The Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project (FilVetREP.org) has gathered an effective team with a proven track record to produce this multi-phased, multi-faceted and ambitious project. There are a few key roles that remain to be filled. If you are interested in participating in our project, please Get Involved! We’re looking for content developers, curriculum developers, script writers and illustrators/graphic novelists.

Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education

Project Board of Directors, Project Executive Committee
  • Ms Marie Blanco, former Chief of Staff to Senator Daniel Inouye, Vice Chairman, FilVetREP
  • Dr Christopher Capozzola, Professor of History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Mr Ben De Guzman, Director of the Mayor’s Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs, Washington DC
  • Noel “Sonny” Izon, Documentary Producer
  • Jonathan Melegrito, Executive Secretary, FilVetREP, Activist
  • MG Antonio Taguba, US Army Retired, Chairman, FilVetREP
  • Dr Seth Watkins, JD, Attorney
  • Dr Colleen Woods, Associate Professor of History, University of Maryland
  • Enrico “Erick” Soriano, Esq, General Counsel
Project Manager
  • MG Antonio Taguba, US Army Retired, Chairman, FilVetREP

Partners and Contributors

  • Cecilia Gaerlan, Bataan Legacy Historical Society
  • Dr Judy Patacsil, President Filipino American Historical Society
  • BG Oscar Hilman, US Army Retired, President, Philippine Scout Historical Society
  • U.S. Army Historical Foundation
  • Bayanihan Equity Center of San Francisco
  • Philippine Embassy, Office of Veterans Affairs
  • American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor
  • Jennifer Jones, Dr Theodore S. Gonzalves, Lisa Sasaki – Smithsonian Institution
  • Brendan Flores – National Federation of Filipino American Associations
  • Living WWII Veterans and Family members

Project Team

Night Kitchen Interactive
  • Matthew Fisher, Producer
  • Valentina Feldman, Video Director
  • Suzanne Carroll, Project Manager
  • Ethan Miller, Content Manager, Video Editor
  • Dan Knapp, Lead Designer & Developer
  • Lily Lauben, Developer
  • An Bui, Designer and Developer
  • Jaimee-Ian Rodriguez, Image Researcher
  • Brett Anderson, Fiona Lynch, Thomas Kolvenbag, Illustrator(s)
  • Fatma Ozen, Animator
  • Jenn Raimondi, Assistant Editor(s)
  • Travis Hove, Thomas Kolvenbag, Sound Engineers
Project Consultants
  • Dr Christopher Capozzola, Script Writer
  • Dr Colleen Woods, Script Writer and Content Editor
  • Dr Janneken Smucker, Oral Historian
  • Noel “Sonny” Izon, Video Consultant
  • Jaimee-Ian Rodriguez, Image Researcher
  • Aria Villafranca, Lead Illustrator
  • Geoff Beatty, Animation Supervisor
  • Arielle Guevara, Colorist
  • Brian “Box” Brown, Illustration Consultant
  • Kathryn Izon, Randy Guiaya, Voice Actors
  • Rob Hall, Walder Martinez, Chris Zurzolo, Sound Design