For Educators

Explore the history of U.S. imperialism in the Philippines, World War II, immigration and the civil rights movement in a whole new light in a new way with the Duty to Country curriculum. These resources help students understand the experience of colonization and war from the perspective of Filipinos, and brings to life the story of the brave and determined veterans who fought for nearly 70 years for the benefits and recognition they had earned.  

The full Duty to Country curriculum includes five lesson plans on key historical moments: the colonial period, World War II, the establishment of an independent Philippines and the passage of the Rescission Act, and the civil rights movement to restore veterans’ benefits and path to U.S. citizenship. It also features 10 explainers built around primary sources, maps and infographics that help students make sense of this long history. You’ll also find a resource guide, “Teaching with Duty to Country,” that highlights the mix of interviews, primary sources, animations and illustrations, videos and profile cards that provide many entry points into the history and themes of Duty to Country.

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