Marlan Maralit


Marlan Maralit is a Filipino-American activist. In his interview he talks about the role his mentor, Jon Melegrito, had in finding his own political identity. He shares how being part of this cause has shaped his life and explains the value in hearing the veterans stories.


We were part of a much larger struggle that existed way before us.”

– (15:07) in full interview

So in that sense, we had an obligation to not only champion their issues, but to get involved locally.”

– (06:32) in full interview

I think most people, by and large, assume that we live in a country where a government does right by our people.”

– (26:53) in full interview


Here is a generation of men in the twilight of their years that were fighting for some basic dignity.”

– (29:46) in full interview

We need to stay informed and inspired by the story of the Filipino World War 2 veterans.”

– (27:40) in full interview




Filmed June 2019

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