Antonio Taguba

Major General (Retired), Chairman of FilVetREP

Antonio Taguba is a retired Major General of the United States Army, son of a WWII veteran, and the Chairman of FilVetRep. He is heavily involved in the struggle for congressional recognition, and a powerful figure within the Filipino activist community.


We want the American public to know that there was another side of World War Two.”

– (51:47) in full interview

These noble men fought for the United States of America and they’re going to go to their graves not knowing a country should be grateful?”

– (24:24) in full interview


Unless we have the stories told to the American public, they’ll die with them and we can’t afford to fail them again.”

– (08:14) in full interview


“If we don’t accelerate this … we would not be able to record any of this stuff.”

– (11:52) in full interview


So this is where we’re at today. This is why we’re having this conversation today.”

– (04:17) in full interview


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