Luisa Antonio

Executive Director of the Veterans Equity Center, Filipino Veterans Advocate

Luisa Antonio is the Director of the Bayanihan Equity Center and the Regional Director for FilVetREP in California. In her interview, she explains her family history and the origin of how she became an advocate for Filipino WWII veterans. She speaks on the veterans living conditions when they came to the U.S. and what services were provided to them. 


Little by little I got to know, you know, the Filipino World War Two veterans, because there were a lot of them.”

– (12:22) in full interview

The community didn’t really know how to provide, you know, services to them in an effective way.”

– (15:05) in full interview

And we came up with a mission to honor, to serve and advocate for the Filipino World War Two veterans.”

– (19:02) in full interview

During that time, a lot of them, they didn’t have any family members. We became their family.”

– (24:42) in full interview

How do you thank the people who made so much sacrifice for this country?”

– (30:47) in full interview



Filmed March 2023

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