Derek Ledda

Son of Veteran

Derek Ledda is the son of a Filipino WWII veteran. In his interview, he recounts his father’s journey and various roles he took on throughout the war including enlisting in the military, being put in the Bataan Death March, and joining the Guerrillas. He also tells of his father’s values and motivations that kept him going during those dark times. 


The war changed their lives and ended the lives of many.”

– (07:33) in full interview

He led the first and only counterattack to the Japanese invasion that was successful.”

– (08:58) in full interview

The group relied on each other because if anyone faltered, if anyone fell by the wayside, that would likely be their end.”

– (13:38) in full interview

I know that when my mom first saw him, he was yellow, so thin from the malnutrition and was like a walking corpse.”

– (19:24) in full interview

So he was able to escape. But he’d had other close calls too, in his efforts to distribute the newspaper.”

– (24:47) in full interview

This is what we’re here for. As a military man, this is what I do out of a sense of loyalty.”

– (31:18) in full interview



Filmed March 2023

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