Rudy Panaglima


Rudy Panaglima is the youngest of five children. He was born in 1930 and was 11 when World War II broke out. After his father was wounded in a firefight, Rudy became his aide. He also performed intelligence and courier work for the guerrillas in his town. He is likely one of the youngest recognized guerrilla fighters.

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maybe they thought of me as a kid.”

– (16:40) in full interview

Those were the information I share with them; that they must be careful.”

– (20:01) in full interview


they call those people bamboo army, they organize those people on the town who are not joining the guerrillas.”

– (22:21) in full interview


I saw and felt that my father had indeed saved so many lives through this system of reasoning.”

– (28:39) in full interview


Well if I am being honest, I ask myself why am I here in America now?”

– (44:19) in full interview




Filmed June 2019

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