Rey CabacaR


Rey Cabacar is a proud veteran of the United States Navy, who enlisted out of obligation to provide for his family. Rey served on PT boat in WWII and a Minesweeper during the Korean war. After 25 years in the Navy, he became a chef for high ranking government officials, a VFW post commander and activist.


I wanted to join the guerrilla when I was 14.”

– (08:10) in full interview

We knew at that time that the United States Navy is a good source of income.”

– (15:40) in full interview


And that destroyer, to me, made a man out of me.”

– (25:20) in full interview

My work in the government was the same thing I was doing in the Navy.”

– (36:20) in full interview


Behind that medal is something that I share with all my comrades who have served.”

– (41:11) in full interview



Filmed June 2019

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