U.S. Colonial Rule

World War II


Contemporary Period


The Philippines finally gained independence in 1946, but not before the U.S. retroactively annulled benefits payable to Filipino veterans with the passing of the Rescission Act in 1946. This set the stage for a decades long battle for recognition and benefits on the part of Filipino veterans and their advocates.

Repatriation of Filipino and American troops

Rescission Act of 1946

Philippine Independence

Filipino American Campaigns for Equity & Justice

Upon approving the Rescission Act I took exception to that portion of the Act which limited veterans’ benefits available to Philippine Army veterans. I stated, among other thing, that enactment of that legislation did not release the United States from its moral obligation to provide for the heroic Philippine Army veterans who sacrificed so much for the common cause during the war.

Harry S. Truman
Letter to the President of the Senate and to the Speaker of the House Transmitting Bill Providing Benefits to Philippine Army Veterans, July 1, 1947